Go Digit General Insurance, a digital full stack insurer, has partnered with Vetina Healthcare LLP, an animal healthcare solutions provider, to extend pet insurance coverage for dogs.

India has one of the fastest growing dog population in the world. India’s pet dogs population is estimated to exceed 1 crore. Dogs are most common pets in India, with 34 per cent of pet owners adopting dogs as pets. India has 6th largest pet dogs population in the world.

The partnership between Go Digit and Vetina will extend 4 distinct coverages like dog’s vet expenses, specific illnesses, critical illnesses and any third-party liability to Vetina family members.

The premium will start for as low as ₹1,879 for a sum Insured of ₹ 40,000.

The policy will be extended to 847 different dog breeds, including pure, cross and indie breeds. The sum insured will range from ₹40,000 to ₹1.5 lakh and will be available for pets aged between 12 weeks to 10 years. 

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The premium will begin from ₹1,879 and will be based on the pedigree, age, breed, sum insured, and the plan opted for the pet.

A comprehensive policy will cover different surgeries, hospitalisation, medications, vet fees, diagnostic procedures, among others. 

Commenting on the newly launched plan, Vivek Chaturvedi, CMO and Head of Direct Sales at Go Digit General Insurance, said, “Pets are now treated as family members and many people are now adopting the double income no kids with a dog (DINKWAD) lifestyle is a testimony of that. However, pets, too, are prone to various health issues and medical complications, treatments for which can be expensive.

“Our Digit Pet Insurance Policy offering is designed to provide a 360-degree comprehensive coverage to pets and gives the pet owners flexibility to choose covers that are most relevant to them”.

Prakash Khaire, Designated Partner, Vetina Healthcare LLP, said, “Vetina will act as Group Manager for extending Digit’s pet insurance offering to the furry members of Vetina family.” 

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The Double Income No Kids lifestyle, often referred to as the DINK couples, has been prevalent in India.

According to Census data of 2011, the DINK lifestyle is prevalent in nearly 42 per cent of rural and 22 per cent of urban families. An extension of this lifestyle is now the DINKWAD couples as many millennials are now looking at adopting a pet and becoming dog parents instead of having children.