The Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG or PAHAL scheme, has been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World records as the largest cash transfer programme in terms of number of households.

The scheme won the achievement on June 30 when it crossed 12.57 crore households. As on December 3, 14.62 crore households are part of the scheme.

As on April 1, 2015, there were 18.19 crore registered LPG consumers and 14.85 crore active consumers implying a gap of 3.34 crore connections that were either duplicate, fake or inactive accounts and have now been blocked under PAHAL. 

"If we take into account the quota of 12 cylinders per consumer and the average LPG subsidy of Rs 366 per cylinder for the year 2014-15, estimated savings in LPG subsidy due to the blocking of 3.34 crore accounts work out to Rs 14,672 crore during the last year," a statement from the Petroleum and natural Gas Ministry said on Saturday. 

"Further, as of today, out of a total of 16.27 crore active consumers, 14.62 crore consumers are availing subsidy, resulting in further subsidy saving for 1.65 crore consumers," the statement added.