The journey of parenting platform, BabyChakra has become the focus of a Harvard Business School case study. BabyChakra, which is now part of the beauty unicorn ,the Good Glamm Group, has been strengthening its focus on the mom-baby content-to-commerce strategy.

About the case study

The case study, authored by Harvard Business School’s Professor Shikhar Ghosh and assisted by Anvita Dekhane, highlights the journey of BabyChakra as its founders decided to merge with the Good Glamm Group in 2021 and also analyses the learnings of the founders besides the growth milestones of the brand.

In a recent Linkedin post, Naiyya Saggi, Founder & CEO, BabyChakra and Co-Founder, the Good Glamm Group said, “The journey of BabyChakra | Good Glamm Group and our decision to merge with MyGlamm | Good Glamm Group has become a Harvard Business School case study.”

“The process of sharing the journey of BabyChakra, the ups and downs, the stories of the team we built and the decision to get acquired was a deeply introspective process,” said Saggi, who is a Harvard alum.

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Decision making skills

“A lot of decision making is simply gut or intuition. Some of it clicks and it’s serendipity. We can only look back and connect the dots and try to make sense of how and why we made the decisions we did and why they just “felt right”. The case study is quite raw in parts and at parts, very personal: but that’s what being an entrepreneur is. You bring the whole of who you are to work,” she wrote in her Linkedin post.

Harvard Business School case studies focus on real-world problems and decisions companies face to offer insights to students on critical decision making processes. “I hope this case helps entrepreneurs globally make tough decisions and especially, inspires women entrepreneurs to find a narrative that resonates with them,” Saggi said.

BabyChakra aims to reach 75 million moms by the end of this year. It acquired regional parenting platform, Tinystep earlier this year and recently made its foray in the mom-baby DTC space.