As many as 16 of B.Tech students at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H) were on an internship programme, at the end of the course they returned with fat job offers by top multinationals that include Goldman Sachs, Google, Facebook and Boomberg.

The salary offered to these students ranged from Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 1 crore, a IIIT-H executive said.

“Apart from the routine placement season that typically unfolds in December where companies visit campus, students also apply directly to companies they are interested in without involving the institute. This is the off-campus process,” a student said.

Most students are under a confidentiality contract restricting them from revealing their final pay packages. There are perks, there are stock options in some cases. “Pay package is more than one and half times the average salary in London,” a student said.

Pravalikka Etoori, a B.Tech in Computer Science and MS in Computational Linguistics, got an offer from Goldman Sachs for a job in London.

Hemanth Veeranki, who did his internship at Google Hyderabad, applied for a full-time conversion after the summer internship and accepted the role he was offered. “Very simplistically put, the job of the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team is to maintain infrastructure on which Google public services are run,” Hemanth points out.

A similar conversion offer from the Google London office where he was interning at, was offered to 22-year-old Ayush Mishra. In the case of Abhinav AggarwaI, an internee at Google, Mountain View headquarters, in summer 2017 was extended into a full time offer from Google London subsequently. “For the conversion process, you are expected to give two additional interviews toward the end of your internship,” he says.

Vatika Harlalka, who is a dual degree student with a B.Tech in Computer Science with M.S. by Research in Computational Natural Sciences, applied for a job directly through the Facebook portal. She has been offered the role of a software developer and says that having a resume studded with extra-curricular activities helps.

While Mrinal Dhar bagged an offer from Bloomberg, Roopal Nahar received an offer from “She had to undergo one Hacker rank coding test, then 3 rounds of telephonic and Skype calls, followed by three on site rounds in Amsterdam before bagging this offer. While she starts as a Graduate Software Developer, after months, she will be given the title of Software Developer,” a IIIT-H executive said.