Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is launching the IIT Madras Research Foundation (IITMRF) to drive its global aspirations. It will be a catalyst for start-ups coming out of the Institute’s tech ecosystem landscape to access the global markets, capital, funding for research & innovation, scaling its Academic Master’s and Doctoral Programs through strategic University Collaborations as well as Industry Partnerships.

The institute has appointed Thirumalai Madhavnarayan, a senior business management and technology professional, as the first CEO of IITMRF, says a release.

The ‘IIT Madras Research Foundation’ is being set up with a vision to expand IIT Madras’ global footprint, drive growth in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and increase engagement with Industry and R&D partnerships.

The Key focus areas of the foundation will include patents and technologies ready for commercialisation; start-ups established by IITM faculty founders, students and researchers; explorations based on market thesis (e.g., Green growth); giving global access to Start-ups from the IIT Madras ecosystem and providing them exposure to new markets, capital & technological adjacencies and access to IIT Madras-created technologies for alumni.

Madhav Narayan said the IITMRF would be a scalable and sustainable ‘plug and play’ platform with local flavour, to take IIT Madras assets global, fuelling exponential growth in innovation & entrepreneurship, enhanced Industry Engagement and R&D partnerships.”