In line with several initiatives taken by the Centre to strengthen the cooperative movement, the National Centre for Cooperative Education (NCCE) has launched a training programme on the “Formation of Cooperative Societies,” aimed at skilling freshers, students, youth, and trainers of cooperatives.

“This programme is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to establish and successfully operate cooperative societies. The initiative will not only contribute to individual growth but also foster a spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurship among the youth,” said Sanjay Verma, Director of National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI). NCCE is a division of NCUI.

The one-week course, which is a residential programme, includes the cooperative business model, preparation of Business Model Canvas, cooperatives as social enterprises, campus cooperatives (case studies), successful cooperative business models, and cooperative entrepreneurship. It covers components such as planning, management, leadership, accounting and finance, human resource development, and marketing.

NCUI will bear the cost of travel, boarding, and lodging of the participants, Verma said, adding course material, practical training, and study visits will also be funded by NCUI.