From a selfie point and bottle-shaped water tank to pictures of books and pencils adorning the walls, the distinctive design of the government senior secondary school in Alwar district's Sahodi village fascinates students and parents alike.

The facelift that the school building received is also reflected in student enrolment which has nearly doubled in two years while cleanliness, learning environment and discipline have also improved remarkably.

And this is not limited to just one school.

With contributions from donors and help from different organisations besides the state, many government schools in Rajasthan have carved a niche with their unique design, thus generating interest among children and leading to an increase in enrolment.

The principal of the government senior secondary school in Sahodi village, Kiran, said, "When I took over, the school building was not in a good condition. The charm of the building is one of the major attractions. Hence, the walls are attractively painted and the water tank has been given the shape of a bottle. Stairs have also been designed in a way that aids in learning," she said.

The school also has a selfie point. "It attracts the students and inspires them to fly high by putting the wings of education," the principal said.

₹40 lakh was spent by the Sahgah Foundation on the renovation of the school, and villagers also pitched in.

"The enrolment has significantly increased. It has nearly doubled. The facelift has helped in creating an environment of learning, discipline, and cleanliness. The school was awarded at the state-level in cleanliness on August 5 this year,” she said.

Many other schools in the district have been renovated, giving them unique designs.

"In one school, classrooms look like a train compartment with the walls painted blue. While student enrolment has seen a significant jump and the impact is also reflected in studies, there have also been positive changes in terms of discipline and cleanliness," said Rajesh Lavaniya, engineer of the education department posted in Alwar.

Such creative ideas are also being followed by other districts, including Dholpur, Chittorgarh and Pali. In several schools, classrooms have been painted to look like trains, buses and ships. Inspirational quotes and quick learning methods are being used on the walls and stairs.