Union Home minister Amit Shah urged Delhi University scholars to focus on discussion rather than indulge in “conflict of ideologies”.

Addressing an international seminar organised by Delhi University on “Revisiting The ideas of India, From Swaraj to New India,” Shah stated, “Youth in universities should focus on discussion instead of conflict of ideologies, as the acceptance of any idea ideology comes only through discussions”.

The Minister praised the new education policy describing it as "inclusive", carrying a print for country's bright future and built on the concept of an educational system rooted in Indian values. "The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a clear policy that only the youth of our country can make us great and if India has to be the best in every field, then the youth will have to be inspired, will have to be shown the way and given a platform," he told the gathering.

Shah urged the Delhi University to “become the vehicle for the era of change” which he said “has begun in the country since 2014”. Delhi University, which has been a witness to many national movements, had also contributed to save the country’s democracy in 1975, he said.

In interpretation of Swaraj, lies the ideas of supremacy of ​​swadeshi, swabhasha, swadharma, our culture and country and the whole idea of ​​Swaraj is the idea of ​​New India, the Minister emphasised.

"India is a geo-cultural country and unless we understand this, we cannot understand the concept of India," Shah remarked.

He also praised the PM and stated that India under Modi has achieved much from 2014 to 2022. Today crores of people from the economically weaker sections have started considering themselves as a part of the nation’s developmental journey, he said.