Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Mamata Banerjee government is out to destroy everything in West Bengal and people’s conviction and courage will evict the “tortorous rule”.

“The entire nation had seen (on TV) how the roadshow of BJP President Amit Shah was attacked by the TMC goons and is anxiously watching the outcome of the poll results in West Bengal,” he said.

Shah’s roadshow in Kolkata was attacked on Tuesday after Banerjee had asserted that TMC will take revenge against BJP, Modi claimed. “Didi’s (Mamata) goons carrying guns and bombs are bent upon destruction...Her government is out to destroy everything in the state. People’s conviction and courage will evict the tortorous rule”, he told a poll rally at Taki on the Indo-Bangla border in North 24 Parganas district.

“Didi is frightened by the rise of BJP in West Bengal. The people of the state had given respect to here by making her the Chief Minister. But power-drunk Mamata Banerjee is throttling democracy,” Modi said.

Keeping up his attack on Banerjee, Modi said, “You have looted peoples’ money in the chit fund scam and when they sought explanations you abused them.”

“Democracy has given you the Chief Minister’s chair and you are killing it. The entire country is watching your misdeeds....Didi should not be kept in power. In the last four to five years she has shown her colours.”

He held Banerjee responsible for destroying the state’s culture of ‘Bhadra Lok’. The people of Bengal have made up their mind to end the Banerjee’s “despotic rule” he said.