Google said on Thursday that it will leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) across products to diminish language and regional barriers that come in the way of business.

“At Google, we plan to leverage the powers of Generative AI in some key areas, which are critical to the digital economy. To leverage the power of AI for us and our partners, democratise commerce and enable better citizen services in every Indian language, to enhance our efforts in safety with AI, to expand the reach of formal credit in India, and to bring the best AI capabilities in the hands of every consumer,” said Sanjay Gupta, Country Head and Vice-President, Google India.

Speaking at the Google for India event, Gupta said the potent combination of the uniquely interoperable digital public infrastructure and people’s tech forwardness has set India up to take its next digital leap forward.

Now, with the possibilities of generative AI, India has the opportunity to build on its digital success in this new tech paradigm and widen the canvas of every aspirational Indian, he said.

Google is also supporting the launch of Axis My India’s one-of-a-kind multilingual super-app called, ‘a’, which utilises Google Cloud’s gen AI technology to provide millions of citizens information about government schemes and other solutions and services nationwide.

financial fraud

To curb financial fraud, Google launched an early threat detection and warning system, DigiKavach, designed to identify and study emerging financial fraud patterns and develop and implement effective countermeasures before they cause widespread harm.

“We, at Google, are very committed to being a trusted, responsible and valued partner in India’s digital transformation journey and in working with the government to drive innovation, improve economic growth, enhance the country’s security, and protect the privacy and safety of the millions of Indians who choose our products and services,” Gupta added.