The Indian Federation of App Based Transport Workers (IFAT) has asked the Union Government to introduce simpler norms for gig workers and drivers of app-based cab service companies to register on the e-Shram portal.

IFAT wants the portal, which seeks to build a registry of workers in the unorganised sector, to allow the drivers and others working for e-commerce companies to register themselves on the portal with a driving licence. “The registration process should not be tied to BPL (below poverty line) and ration cards. The government should set up physical centres to help our members to register on the portal,” Shaik Salauddin, National General Secretary of IFAT, has said.

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In a letter to Bhupender Yadav, the Union Minister for Labour and Employment, he asked the government to start a toll-free number to address any grievances.

National drive

Meanwhile, the Federation will launch a national drive to get thousands of workers of app-based cab and e-commerce companies such as Ola, Uber, Swiggy and Zomato registered with the National Database of Unorganised Workers (NDUW).

Requesting the Minister to include the IFAT representatives in deliberations with regard to the registry, he said a national database for unorganised would go a long way in solving their problems. “The lack of data on the number of gig workers in the country today is disturbing. Recognising gig and platform economy workers would help in providing tailored social security benefits to them,” he said.