Nobel laureate and child rights activist Kailash Satyarthi has called for ‘globalisation of compassion’, asking young graduates to work for a real connected world where the destitute are not left aloof.

He also asked the students to show gratitude to those who have helped them throughout their journey of learning. Addressing the 22nd Convocation of the International Institute of Information of Technology (IIIT-Hyderabad), he said there is a need to work on globalisation of compassion, “where you feel the suffering of others as your own suffering, with a strong drive to alleviate that suffering. We need compassionate leaders in all walks of life.”

“We need compassionate politicians. That is much more needed today. We need politicians who will feel for their followers and citizens,” he said.

“We need compassionate leadership in faith and faith institutions. The faith leaders should have the courage to tell their followers to live up to the principles of the religion. They should be able to tell their followers that – if you have ever touched a woman or a girl in a bad way, if you are not respecting women, and if you are doing it again and again, then you can’t be in the congregation,” he said.


Stating that the graduation day was a big day for the outgoing students, he said, “This is the day of gratitude today for you. You have to remember every single person that helped you reach this place.”

Asking the graduating students not to go after ‘packages’ (salaries), he said they should work around the four pillars of people, planet, prosperity, and peace. “Use technology to save the planet,” he told them. “Inner peace is essential,” he added.

“As you graduate today, you must shun your fears, your weaknesses and guilt,” he said.

Academic performance

During the Convocation, as many as 519 students graduated, with a record number of 25 PhDs and 195 Masters with a thesis receiving their certificates.

Pratyanshu Pandey, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was awarded the IIIT-H gold medal in recognition of his outstanding academic performance. Kandala Savitha Viswanadh  (Dual Degree in ECE) was awarded Best All-rounder for his notable contributions to academics, extracurricular activities and IIITH services.

A total number of 131 companies registered for placements; and 95 companies conducted interviews.