Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has planned to retire from electoral politics after his current term, due to age and health.

Responding to media queries in Mysuru, when asked if he would be contesting from his home constituency, Varuna, he said, “I have decided not to contest elections from now on. I am 77 years old, elections are still four years away, by then I will be 81 years old, my health won’t support it and I won’t be able to work with enthusiasm.”

The Congress honcho also stated that he has already been for a long time now, when he retired, he will have served 50 years in electoral politics, having entered the field in 1978. However, even in the past, the politician had said that he would be quitting electoral politics. Consequently in 2013, 2018 and 2023, after coming to power, he had said he would take a step back.

Even as he intends to retire in the near future, the leaders is currently focused on shoring up seats for the grand old party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. His pitch this election season is his party walks the talk -- ‘naavu nudidanthe nadiddeve’ -- he highlights the guarantee of implementation and promises to continue fulfilling these commitments.

Siddaramaiah assumed the role of Chief Minister after Congress in Karnataka, a year ago in the Assembly polls, stormed back to power with a clear majority in 136 out of 224 constituencies. High anti-incumbency in the state and its five welfare guarantees’ (Gruha Lakshmi, Gruha Jyothi, Shakthi, Anna Bhagya and Yuvanidhi) had helped turn their fortunes. The leader is also in the midst of a tussle with the BJP government at the Centre over the issue of tax devolution. He has also accused the Centre of releasing funds due to the state.