The KCP Ltd on Saturday will hand over the Integrated Air Drop Test (IADT )–Crew Module Structure to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), which is currently working on Human Space Flight Mission (Gaganyaan).

ISRO had placed an order for two IADT crew module structure fabrication with KCP, each costing around ₹1 crore, said M Narayana Rao, President, KCP Ltd.

In March, ISRO received the Crew Module structure simulated assembly for the IADT meant for validating the sequence and performance of parachute systems in the Gaganyaan mission. The module was designed by HSFC, ISRO and the hardware was realised by Venkateswara Aerospace Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, says a release available in ISRO website

The un-pressurised single wall Crew Module structure simulates the shape and size of the actual Gaganyaan crew module. Its structure accommodates major subsystems like parachute system, pyros, avionics, and buoyance augmentation system for IADT. IADT will be performed using an Indian Air Force helicopter by taking the crew module structure to an altitude of 3.6 to 4 km to validate the deceleration system (parachute & pyro’s) performance.

The CM structure is to demonstrate the technology preparedness levels before carrying out SPFM. While ISRO gave the design, the company developed the tooling and fixtures, fabricated and realised the first IADT-CM structure through in-house facilities, said the company’s Chairman and Managing Director Indira Dutt.

“Our association with ISRO dates more than 30 years back. We have supplied heavy structural parts like 2nd Mobile Launch Pad; Ground Hardware for Propellant Casting and Vehicle Launching facilities to Sriharikota (SHAR-ISRO),” she told newspersons.

The IDAT-CM structure is 3.1 m in size; 2.6 m in height and weighs 3120 kg. The structure realisation involves critical forming, precision machining, and stringent assembly required of both aluminium and high strength steel.

On future plans, Rao said KCP plans to enhance its facilities to participate in a larger way in ISRO’s future programmes and add precision machine shop facility .


Rao said strategic sectors, including space, contribute 10-15 per cent to the company’s revenue, which was at ₹2,25,3 crore in fiscal ending March 31, 2023.

The company’s scrip closed at ₹133.75, up 2.92 per cent, on the National Stock Exchange on Friday