Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Monday issued notices to the Vice-Chancellors of nine universities after they refused to send their resignation letters to him before 11.30 am in line with his directive on Sunday.

This was disclosed by the Governor himself, who is also the chancellor of the universities in the state.

"Now, they have refused to resign. Now formal notices have been issued," Khan told a press conference here.

He said the notices were issued upholding the verdict of the Supreme Court, which has declared as "void ab initio" any appointment as a Vice-Chancellor made on the recommendation of the Search Committee, which is constituted contrary to the provisions of the UGC regulation.

"Now, it is in the light of the Supreme Court decision why I should not declare your appointment "void ab initio", Khan said when asked about the details of the show-cause notices.

He said the Vice-Chancellors have been given time till November 3 to respond.

Khan also rejected the allegations of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan that the VCs have been denied natural justice.

"I only suggested an honourable way out. I have not sacked them", the Governor said in a lengthy press conference convened to give a reply to the Chief Minister's allegations against him.