Andhra Pradesh Generation Corporation (APGenco) and Odisha Hydro Power Corporation (OHPC) will jointly construct three new projects with an aggregate capacity of 98 MW on the upstream and downstream of Machkund Project.  

A mutual consensus was reached in this regard in the first Project Administration Committee (PAC) meeting with officials of the Governments of AP and Odisha, APGenco & OHPC in Bhubaneswar, according to a release from Andhra Pradesh Government. 

This is in line with an agreement concluded between the Governments of AP and Odisha, APGenco and OHPC on Machkund Hydro Electric (Joint) Scheme in October 2023.

An internal committee to study the sharing of employees in a 50:50 ratio between AP Genco & OHPC will be formed which would submit its report within 30 days. 

The Odisha government officials agreed to look into the matter for waiver of the levy of Electricity Duty on Auxiliary consumption in Machkund Hydro Electric Joint Project. 

It was agreed that the reconciliation of accounts would be taken up through involving auditor generals of both states. 

The under/over drawl of power from the projects would be decided with mutual consensus. A meeting of all stakeholders would be convened every quarter to resolve all the issues and expedite the execution of new hydro and PSP with close cooperation and collaboration, the release added.