Raising a pitch for brotherhood, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today wooed Muslim businessmen community by calling for security, equality, prosperity and equity to ensure the development of all sections of society.

Modi was addressing the three-day ‘Ummat Business Conclave 2014’ of the Muslim business community from Gujarat and overseas at the Sabarmati Riverfront here.

“When I talk of development, I talk of a vision, which is based on four aspects — security of life and livelihood, equality in society, prosperity and equity. In the last ten years, Gujarat has implemented them and lived a peaceful life all these years. So now we can dream of progress,” said Modi in his inaugural speech at the fist-ever Muslim business conclave in Gujarat after 2002.

“Political parties strive to gain power. BJP is no exception. We too want power. But we want power so that we can empower people. We want to create a mood of ‘Power to BJP is to empower people,’” he said.

Muslim businessmen, too, have expressed confidence in Modi stating that it was his vision and leadership that helped Muslims prosper and grow.

“There is softness towards Mr Modi and not towards BJP. This is because Mr Modi has proven his leadership ability,” said Zafar Sareshwala, the organiser and CEO of Parsoli Corporation, which has diversified interests including car dealership and finance.

Referring to the small businesses dominated by the Muslim community, Modi cited the example of the kite making business in Gujarat.

“With the help of research and ready raw material, kite business in Gujarat has prospered from a turnover of Rs 30-35 crore a decade ago to Rs 700 crore now,” he claimed, adding that it led to the overall prosperity of the Muslim community.

Interestingly, for the first time in Gujarat, Islamic art work was put up for exhibition at the event.

Asiya Sareshwala, whose calligraphic art work on Islam was placed for exhibition, said, “This shows that there is no fear in Muslims.” In a stark contrast to Modi’s Vibrant summits, the attendance remained thin with barely a couple of hundred being present at Modi’s address.

However, the organiser expressed confidence of having around 100,000 visitors during three days.