Karnataka Industries Minister MB Patil has hit back at Kerala Industries minister P Rajeeve, after the Minister tried to woo IT companies to relocate to Kerala amid the persistent water crisis in Bengaluru.

Minister Patil, on microblogging site X, said, “Kerala’s efforts to attract Bengaluru businesses during our water scarcity feels contrary to the spirit of federal unity we cherish. Such actions not only challenge the foundation of interstate cooperation but also overlook the importance of tackling shared challenges collaboratively.”

The Kerala minister Rajeeve recently stated that the Kerala government has written to IT companies in Bengaluru, giving them all the facilities and water in response to reports of a serious water problem in the city. He had said that there were 44 rivers in Kerala and that water was not an issue.

Patil noted that due to the drought and summer, many areas of India, including Kerala, have been severely water-scarce. Under these circumstances, the proposal made by the Kerala Industries Minister to the Bengaluru-based corporations to relocate their offices to that State does not represent a healthy spirit of competition

“In Karnataka, our focus remains steadfast on creating a resilient, industry-friendly ecosystem that thrives on innovation and sustainable solutions, ensuring our state continues to be a beacon of growth and stability,” he wrote on X.

Patil also noted that while there has been a water scarcity, areas of Bengaluru where IT businesses are situated are not in danger. The State government has also conducted multiple discussions about facilitating the use of Cauvery water for industrial sectors in Bengaluru and has been working on enabling a dedicated mechanism to bring river-sourced water from neighbouring places to industrial areas.

The Minister should also remember that hundreds of people from his home state of Kerala have found employment thanks to the enterprises here. Kerala is free to pursue investor attraction activities as a State. However, However, Patil said, It shouldn’t, turn to petty politics.