Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday said Aatmanirbharta, which the government is pursuing for self-reliance in defence sector, doesn’t imply a disconnect from global economy but it’s based on collaboration with friendly countries for shared security and prosperity.

Addressing a special session of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce here, the union minister stated that US capital and technological know-how can help India become a developed nation by 2047. The Defence Minister described India and the US as natural partners who must move forward together in both business and strategic sectors amidst the current global geopolitical scenario.

“Our ambition is not to get disconnected from the global economy. We are fully committed to collaboration and cooperation with our friendly countries. This is also evident in our efforts and our friendly countries are aware of it. Our ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ does not promote isolation, rather it envisions companionship,” Singh told the gathering. The session on ‘Strengthening Indo-US Relationship in Amritkal-Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ was organized by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC).

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Inviting American business to invest in India, he emphasised India’s strong economic growth would ensure that American investors get healthy returns. “Our high economic growth will ensure that American investments and collaborations in India result in very high returns for our American partners. Demographic dividend, skilled labour force, MSMEs, vibrant start-ups, big domestic market, give the guarantee of high returns to American companies and investors,” he said.

He cited relaxations in foreign direct investment (FDI) norms, labour laws and growth in infrastructure projects including ‘next generation’ infrastructure. “The current Indo-US relationship is driven twin congruence of our shared values and aligned interests. Such twin congruence is a guarantee for sustainability and robustness of our relationship, or rather our friendship,” he said.

There was a session on invest in Uttar Pradesh.