The Army has decided to raise Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings (CCOSWs) and nominate ‘Lead Directorates’ and ‘Test Bed’ formations for absorption of niche technologies and enhancing fighting potential, even in cyberspace.

The CCOSWs will assist its formations in taking up cyberspace security challenges posed by the growing warfare capabilities of adversaries, the Army Commanders Conference decided at its meeting held for the first time in hybrid mode from April 17 to April 23. The CCOSWs will safeguard the networks and increase the preparedness levels in this niche domain, said ministry sources.

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“Cyberspace has emerged as an important competent of military domain both in grey zone warfare and conventional operations. The expansion of cyber warfare capabilities by our adversaries has made the cyber domain more competitive and contested than ever before. The Indian Army today is rapidly migrating towards net centricity, which entails an increased reliance on modern communication systems at all levels,” said Army sources to explain the need for the new initiative.

Similarly, the Lead Directorates and Test Bed formations will evolving optimal employment philosophies and scaling to facilitate better exploitation of futuristic technologies pan Army, the Ministry of defence officially stated.

The Army is inducting a large number and variety of niche tech-enabled equipment, such as a cross-section of tactical, mini, micro, and logistics drones, UAVs, drone swarms, loiter weapon systems, electronic warfare, and anti-drone apparatus. These equipment are intended to enhance the fighting potential of the field formations, said Army sources.

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Army Commanders Conference, taking a holistic view of the changes required, also felt the need to review tech human resource capabilities to maintain an effective and lethal fighting force. To achieve that the Army wants to amend the Technical Entry Scheme (TES) available for BTech graduates to become officers. “It was decided to transit from the existing 1+3+1 years Technical Entry Scheme (TES) model for to 3 + 1 TES model from January 2024 onwards,” said MoD.

Four-year training model will ensure that young officers are available to serve the Army for one additional year, explained Army sources to share advantage of the move .