The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is in the process of developing Energy Efficiency Habitat for its personnel at CE Project Himak in Leh at a cost of ₹45.90 crore.

BRO top sources said the overall layout of the Habitat has been done in a manner to achieve a climate-responsive and thermally efficient building and its design has been vetted by IIT Roorkee. The move at the instance of BRO Director General Lt General Rajeev Chaudhary will reduce energy consumption for heating and lighting by 60 per cent, leading to savings to the State, said officials. A central heating system with radiant floor heating will be provided along with solar hot water supply with anti-freeze measures.

The habitat, which is likely to be completed by October, as per BRO sources, will achieve a cost savings of approximately ₹64 crore over its 50-year design life. The project has been planned on Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) and Eco-Niwas Samhita 2018, meant for residential buildings.

Energy saving tents

Besides that, the BRO has also come up with integrated energy conserving tents. These are PUF insulated flexible floor tents, highly energy conservating and useful for mobile detachments, explained BRO officials. Outer and inner lining is polyester fabric coated with polyethylene lining, and it is self-extinguishing and fire retardant. The tents can withstand high windspeeds up to 120 Kmph and are fitted with 3-in-1 room heating system with hot plate for cooking and hot water tank. They come in two sizes -- weight of 5 men tent is 41 Kg, while that for 15 men is 118 Kg. The heating system alone weighs 18 Kg and these tents have been procured for high altitude in Ladakh whose ecologically sensitivity needs to be preserved, added BRO officials.

BRO officials that they have stepped up work substantially to create infrastructure at the inhospitable border especially with China in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh for which they have won appreciation and global recognitions.