Udupi Cochin Shipyard Limited (UCSL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cochin Shipyard Limited, the Department of Fisheries and five fishermen self-help group societies from Kerala have signed a tripartite agreement to construct 10 Deep-Sea Tuna LongLiner-cum-Gill netter fishing vessels valued at ₹14 crore.

Adeela Abdulla, Director of Fisheries, Harikumar A A, CEO, UCSL and five fishermen belonging to various self-help groups in Kerala signed the agreement. UCSL at Malpe, Karnataka is a fully-owned subsidiary of Cochin Shipyard.


The vessels are designed as per the standard design for Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana’s (PMMSY) deep sea fishing . The vessels will be equipped with advanced navigation and communication systems, including GPS, Automatic Identification System, distress alert transmitter, fish finder and magnetic compass. The vessel is of 22.7 m length and 6.4 m of breadth. The vessel can achieve a maximum speed of 8 knots while it has a capacity of 12 persons.

The vessel will be equipped with fishing gears such as Long Liner Winch and Gillnet Hauler. These vessels are built to provide safety to enhance productivity and livelihood of fishers.