The Digital India stall at the G20 Summit is not only showcasing the journey of Digital India so far but also the capabilities of what it can do for the whole world, helping their countries adopt similar platforms in their welfare schemes.

For instance, the CoWin app is being adopted by several countries now and there are going to be eight memorandum of understanding (MoUs) to be signed soon. Abhishek Singh, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Digital India Corporation, said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the G20 Summit here, he also said that in India, CoWin will soon be launched or rechristened as U-Win to make it universal.

“The U-Win (universal vaccine platform) app will be ready very soon. We are making U-Win a universal vaccine platform so that vaccine records can be kept in a single app instead of maintaining prescriptions or record books. For instance, the BCG vaccine or booster shots for kids can be scheduled in this app. And, like we are providing Covid vaccination certificates, the same can be provided for Measles, rubella, polio, BCG, and tetanus,” Singh, who is also the President and CEO of the National e-Governance Division (NeGD), told businessline.

He said the platform, therefore, will not only remain for the Covid vaccine but can also become a platform for saving all the vaccine data. Even adults can save their vaccine records, like rabies or a different vaccine schedule for pregnant women, in the same app.

Sighting an example for DigiLocker, which has also become a successful platform, he said more adopters are coming to the platform now than in the last two years.

“During Covid (March 2020), there were only 3.50 crore users, but today there are 19 crore users. Around five lakh people are getting enrolled every day now. DigiYatra is also linked to it, which is also getting a lot of traction, and more airports are adopting it in the country,” he said.

Asked about the data security part, Singh said, “Every data is safe, and even for DigiYatra, the biometric details get erased within 24 hours of travelling through the airports.”

The Digital India stall has also showcased other India Stack platforms under the same roof, including Aadhaar, UPI, Diksha, and ESanjeevani, some of them even doing Live demos.

The visitors are even asked to go to the ESanjeevani booth if they face any health issues, and they can directly consult with a dedicated doctor through the platform, Live.