Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav on Sunday met Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and assured support to him in his fight with the Centre over the control of administrative services in Delhi.

The meeting took place at Kejriwal’s residence in the national capital and comes after the Centre’s promulgated an ordinance on Friday to create the National Capital Civil Services Authority, which will decide over the transfers and postings of Group A and DANICS officers posted with the Delhi government.

After the meeting, Kejriwal told reporters “I want to thank Nitishji, Tejashwiji and the leaders accompanying them. Supreme Court order had given powers to the democratically-elected government of Delhi. But, on the eighth day, they (Centre) through an ordinance overturned the order. They have stripped the government of all powers, which have been given to the LG. Overturning a judgement by a 5-judge bench of the Supreme Court is against the Constitution.”

The Delhi Chief Minister informed the media that he has discussed the issue in detail with Kumar and Yadav and they have ensured all support to the AAP government in Delhi.

“He has assured me that he is with me and with the people of Delhi. He also said that we will fight together against this injustice. At present, he is trying to bring together all the opposition political parties in the country. I urged him that if all the political parties unite in a non-BJP front than in Rajya Sabha and if this ordinance is brought in as a bill, it can be defeated. If this bill gets defeated in Rajya Sabha then this will be a semi-final for the 2024 general elections. A message will go to the entire country that the BJP government will lose the 2024 elections,” he added.

Kumar criticised the ordinance and termed it as “strange and surprising”

“The actions of the central government are strange. How can you usurp a state government’s power? That is why I am saying that the entire country should come together to check this power of the central government. He (Kejriwal) is doing good work. All this work is being stopped, which is surprising,” he added.

Kumar emphasised that the meeting would bring together all the Opposition parties to unite and challenge the tampering with the constitution.

“This should stop and the country should be allowed to progress ahead. We should run campaigns that law should be followed, peace and harmony should prevail and instances of creating animosity among people should stop,” he asserted.

Yadav said that their meeting with Kejriwal is to offer their support in his fight for “justice” with the central government.

“Today’s meeting is especially on the problems being faced by non-BJP democratically elected governments in states. Supreme Court judgement clarifies everything. But they way he is being hounded and the way other state governments are facing biased treatment from Centre, it is a danger to democracy. They want to change the constitution, which we will not allow to happen. We can say with confidence that the more they (Centre) hound Kejriwalji, the stronger he will become. I can say with confidence that BJP will not return to Delhi,” he added.