Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked the BJP cadre to work with renewed vigour and enthusiasm over the next 100 days to reach out to all voters, beneficiaries, and communities and win their trust and support. Expressing confidence over the BJP’s return to power for the third successive term, he added that even foreign countries have shown confidence in this regard.

Addressing the BJP’s National Convention, Modi said, “Elections are yet to take place, but I have already received invitations from various countries for July, August, and September. What does this imply? It means that even they know that the BJP will return to power. They also know: “Aayega toh Modi hi.” He added that he is advocating for a third term, not for political gains but for the benefit of India.

He urged the BJP cadre to work with renewed enthusiasm and vigor over the next 100 days to ensure the party’s return to power with a stronger mandate. “Today is February 18, and the youth who have reached the milestone of 18 years in this period are going to elect the 18th Lok Sabha of the country. Over the next 100 days, each one of us has to go out and reach out to new voters, every beneficiary, and every community. We have to win everyone’s trust and support,” he added.

Modi said the next five years are going to be crucial as the country has to take a big leap towards becoming “Viksit Bharat,” and the first imperative is to ensure the return of the BJP with a strong mandate. He said completing unblemished governance while pulling 25 crore people out of poverty was no small feat. “We rid the country of mega scams and improved the living standards of the poor and the middle class,” Modi said. He added that the nation will need to dream big and make big resolutions to make India a developed country by 2047.

Stressing the government’s aim to make India the third largest economy, Modi said this will ensure every Indian household’s income and living standards improve.

He slammed the opposition, saying they made all kinds of promises but lacked a vision for making India a developed country. He said that now even opposition leaders are raising slogans in favour of more than 400 Lok Sabha seats for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). “But, for the NDA to cross 400, the BJP will have to cross the milestone of 370,” he added.

Addressing the party’s national convention, Home Minister Amit Shah said PM Modi has worked for the development of all sections of society and enhanced the country’s global standing. He added that there is no doubt in people’s minds that PM Modi will be at the helm for the third term.

“In 75 years, this country has seen 17 Lok Sabha elections, 22 governments, and 15 Prime Ministers. Every government in the country has tried to bring development to its own time. But today I can say without any confusion that the work of overall development, development of every sector, and development of every individual has been done only in the 10 years of PM Narendra Modi,” Shah added.

He added that Congress and the INDI alliance destroyed the spirit of democracy with corruption, dynasticism, and appeasement. Shah said that Prime Minister Modi brought the politics of development to the center stage by ending the opposition parties’ politics of dynasticism, corruption, appeasement, and caste.