Tamil Nadu will lose ₹20,000 crore annually due to stoppage of GST compensation from June 30, 2022, said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin. “I don’t need or want to elaborate much on the wrong policies of the Union government, which treats the states like a step-mother. We see the Chief Ministers of the states coming to Delhi and protesting. We have had two major natural calamities. Even that was not compensated,” he added.

Opposition-ruled states are not given new special schemes. There are no words to describe the tragic story of the only AIIMS declared for Tamil Nadu, he said in his speech on the debate on Governors Address in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

Major achievements

Stalin said it’s been 33 months since he became the State’s Chief Minister. During this duration, he highlighted ten major achievements.

Tamil Nadu’s economy contributes 9 per cent to India’s economy. This is the first achievement of the Dravidian model of governance. The State today ranks second in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India. This is the second record.

The state’s growth rate was 8.19 per cent as against the overall growth rate of 7.24 per cent. This is the third record. While inflation was 6.65 per cent in India, it has come down to 5.97 per cent in Tamil Nadu. This is the fourth record.

Tamil Nadu ranks first in India in the Export Readiness Index and this is the fifth achievement. The State ranks first in electronics exports. This is the sixth record.

We have risen from 14th position to 3rd position in terms of investment in India. This is the seventh record. The eighth achievement of this government was to take Tamil Nadu to the second position in education.

This is the ninth achievement of Tamil Nadu being the number one state in the field of innovative industries. The tenth achievement of the Dravidian model of governance is that the youth, women, differently abled, marginalised people and oppressed people are all happy, he said.