The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association has appointed Dr Nirakar Pradhan, CFA, as the Chief Executive Officer of its new India office.

Pradhan has led teams at State Bank of India and Generali Group in India and Europe. With 48 Chapters globally, PRMIA is a non-profit led by top professionals dedicated to promoting best practices in risk management.

Its focus on training and certification have been recognised by the Government, Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and HSBC, among others.

Expressing his opinion on recent happenings in the mutual fund industry, Pradhan said investors put money in mutual funds with three primary objectives — safety, liquidity and returns — but all these have been dented in the recent past.

While the Indian corporate bond market is not very liquid, the incident of a mutual fund not being able to repay investors, especially in an ultra-short bond fund, goes against the philosophy of mutual fund investing, he said.