The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has revised upwards the ceiling prices of nine scheduled formulations used to treat a range of ailments from infertility in women and arthritis to seizures.

The price of Clomiphene tablet 50mg (1 tablet) has been raised to ₹7.56 from ₹6.76, while a 100-mg tablet is now priced at ₹11.08 up from ₹10.62.

The price of Adenosine injection 3mg/ml is now at ₹89.34 against ₹80.92 earlier.

Price of Povidone Iodine Solution 10 per cent (1 ml) has been fixed at ₹0.76 from ₹0.64.

The price of Methylprednisolone injection 40mg/ml (1 ML) has been raised to ₹48.97 from ₹43.55.

Sodium Valproate CR tablets 300 mg (1 tablet) has been fixed at ₹5.71 compared to ₹5.50.

Sodium Valproate CR tablets 500mg (1 tablet) is priced higher at ₹8.85 compared to ₹8.46 earlier, while Isosorbide 5 Mononitrate tablet 20 mg (1 tablet) is priced at ₹2.98 from ₹2.78.

Lignocaine Topical Forms 2-5 per cent (1 gm or 1 ml) is now priced at ₹0.98 compared to ₹0.95 earlier.

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