In what could be termed a model from the corporate world, a group of senior professionals in Thiruvananthapuram have come together to set up a sustainable, agri-based community living housing project.

The project named ‘Sustainable Village’ is coming up on 20 acres in Kuttiyani Hills, located in the suburbs of Thiruvananthapuram city. The initiative by a group of 40 like-minded senior professionals, with the majority from the tech industry, has been developed under the ‘Green Collective Project’, where every member is a shareholder.

The project is built on the principles of a cooperative or social business model with profit not being the motive. RERA Chairman P H Kurian launched the project by laying the foundation stone at the project site.

The proposed village will offer more common areas than the current government stipulations, as well as shared facilities, and services such as a common vegetable farm, clean water for drinking and farming, ample areas for entertainment and leisure, walkways, wide roads, etc.

“At our ‘Sustainable Village,’ there will be enough fruits and vegetables for every resident, and this is how this project is conceived,” said Binu Jacob who is the CEO and MD of Kerala-based Experion Technologies.

Some of the highlights of Sustainable Village are 2.9 acres for a common vegetable farm, and an average plot size of 12 cents to build smaller footprint houses than urban homes, where the backyard will have fruit trees for personal consumption and bartering within the community.

The project aims to have 70 to 75 housing units and ample common facilities such as gazebos, an amphitheatre, a clubhouse, etc. to help residents enjoy better health, wellness, and emotional quotient.