Rohan Bopanna’s Grand Slam win at the Australian Open soon after becoming the World No 1 in the ATP World Doubles Rankings, has triggered a buzz about age being no bar to realise dreams. From PM Modi to corporate honcho Anand Mahindra, citizens across the country took to social media to laud him for becoming the oldest Grand Slam Champion at 43.

Just this month, the tennis star has been named for the Padma Shri. His first Grand Slam win was the Mixed Doubles title at the French Open in 2017 and he was a Gold Medalist at the Asian Games held in 2023.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Bopanna runs a tennis academy, is a certified Barista and has his coffee line (Rohan Bopanna Master Blend) with Maverick & Farmer, sourced from his estate in Coorg. He is also an investor in ventures such as sports tech platform Game Theory and Good Flippin’ Burgers.

Experts believe the recent accolades will boost Brand Bopanna and are expected to bring heightened interest from advertisers.

He is associated with brands such as ASICS and Aryan Pumps. The tennis star has been featured in campaigns for various other brands including Airbnb, Renault India, Enerzal, Lodha Group, Indian Oil and DreamSetGo among others.

Global impact

Angel Investor and Business Strategist Lloyd Mathias said, “It’s remarkable what he has achieved on the global stage at 43. It will boost his image and strengthen the brand Bopanna. Thankfully today in India there is space for other sports players besides cricket and will open up new opportunities, especially from the perspective of some of the mature brands.”

“Rohan’s achievement cannot be understated. He has not only reignited a renewed interest in a premium and seemingly inaccessible sport in the country but also built an aspiration for young players while epitomising the spirit of young India- to succeed against all odds. It’s his time now and we are positive that brands will see the value in associating with him,” said Namrata Parekh, Co-founder and Director, Meraki Sport and Entertainment, the sports marketing firm that represents Bopanna.

Another branding expert noted that the recent achievements will provide an immediate boost to the tennis star’s personal brand and are likely to open up opportunities, especially in nutrition, fitness and wellness space.

Jogesh Lulla, COO, Cornerstone Sport said, “Winning the Australian Open and attaining the title of world number one are remarkable achievements, particularly at the age of 43, making Rohan the oldest to do so. This milestone is a moment of great pride for India. It’s sure to give his brand a significant boost, capturing the interest of numerous companies. Expect an increase not only in endorsements but also in speaking opportunities, further enhancing his influence.”

Brands have been increasingly warming up to veteran stars in recent times. “They bring a lot of iconic brand value and help brands in breaking the clutter. Also they have a lot of sway on the older and more affluent target audience that have a sizable economic clout. In this social media era, younger consumers are also well versed with the achievements of these veteran stars,” Mathias explained.