G Naga Sridhar


Major political parties in Telangana are increasingly banking on luring the voters digitally by innovative online campaigns apart from the roadshows for the elections slated for November 30.

The incumbent  Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is banking on luring the voters through an online campaign that allows the people to type the name of their district and see the changes effected by the two decades of the BRS Government in the State with full details of the development projects and other schemes implemented by the government. Then it also lists out manifesto items under `KCR Bharosa’ 

Pop culture

Besides Twitter, Instagram and facebook posts of the speeches of the top leaders, BRS is also trying to connect with people by advertisements shot with themes and songs from popular films highlighting Telangana rural landscape and culture such as a recent Telugu blockbuster, Balagam.

``Given the high penetration of smartphones and lakhs of jobs created in the IT industry in the last one decade, we feel digital medium is a sure way to reach the voters,’‘ a BRS party functionary told businessline. 

While BRS has `something to showcase’ Congress, which is hoping for an electoral victory, is offering `Abhayahastam Guarantee Card’ under the name `Congress Bharosa’ for six major items of its manifesto including the free RTC bus travel for women and the farmer support schemes. 

Voters from across the constituencies in the State can provide basis details and register themselves for the guarantee cards. At the time of filing this report 7,84,586 people have registered for the `Congres Bharosa’ card.

Digital race

Congress is digitally spreading the message that as a party that gave statehood to Telangana, it deserves a chance to `bring about change’ in the State. 

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pushing its characteristic `double engine growth’ model but appears to be a little behind in online campaigns compared to the BRS and Congress. 

`The common thread in digital campaigns by all is the predominant recourse to YouTube campaigns. 

``A major pass time of working class people who are in large numbers among the voters is browsing YouTube and this is the most effective medium to reach out to those who do not have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts,’‘ says a member of the digital campaign team of Congress party. 

A wait for a few days more will tell us the response of the netizens to this digital war between the parties.