Digital travel assistant conducted a survey on travel plans of people post the Covid-19 pandemic.

The survey revealed that 70 per cent of Indian travellers believe they will be more price-conscious when it comes to searching and planning a trip post Covid-19.

While 64 per cent are more likely to hunt for promotions and savings, 74 per cent expect travel companies to support their future travel plans via discounts and promotions.

Destinations with deals

As finance tops the list of priorities, travellers will shift their choice of destination as well.

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57 per cent of Indian travellers say they will opt for a discounted trip to a place they wouldn’t have otherwise chosen, rather than paying more for a dream destination.

Almost 62 per cent of Indian travellers favour a trip they could afford in the short term, rather than saving for a dream trip with more uncertainty.

Flexible travel

The survey further noted that 77 per cent of Indian travellers said travel platforms need to add value by increasing transparency about cancellation policies, refund processes, and trip insurance options.

Flexibility will also be top-of-mind with 38 per cent of travellers saying they will consider refundable accommodation a must-have, while 36 per cent will want the flexibility to change the check-in dates without being charged.

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Ritu Mehrotra, Country Manager, India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives at, said in an official statement: “The effect of Covid-19 has and will continue to evolve the way we travel, impacting our choices and decisions in the near future.”

Mehrotra added: “With the financial strain of the pandemic felt by many throughout India, the travel industry will need to respond inventively to offer deeper value, better choice, increased flexibility and transparency to the travellers.”