Chennai is making space to accommodate a bit of Delhi for a few days, precisely from August 3 to 6. When we say ‘a bit of Delhi’, we mean the best part, which includes the delightful cuisine, native to the capital city.

ITC Grand Chola is hosting the Dehlnavi Trail at its Madras Pavilion on these days, where the pop-up menu includes almost everything that you’d find to eat in the streets of the city. The menu is a combination of Punjabi, Mughlai, Baniya, Kayasth and many more cuisines.

For instance, where would you get the soft yet crispy Purani Dilli fried chicken in Chennai? After every bite of this starter, you’d want to have another. Do not make that mistake; you have so much more to try. The food trail is the baby of Chef Rais of ITC Maurya, Delhi and he says that it aims to bring a bit of Delhi to every city, with this pop-up.

Chennai is the fourth city where ITC is hosting the Dehlnavi Trail, after Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Chef Rais then introduces you to Tulsi ke Kebab, a kebab made out of rose petals and basil, and Bhe ke Kebab or the stuffed lotus stem kebab.

“We ensured that we have enough vegetarian options too,” says the Chef.

The chaat station towards the right side of the kebab counter too offers a variety of authentic old Delhi snacks. This includes freshly fried Raj Kachori and Dahi Gujiya, which is something that you shouldn’t miss if you’re struggling to beat the heat. There’s even fruit chaat - watermelon stuffed with chaat if you’re looking for a slightly healthier option.

In the main course, one would find a variety of soft and warm parathas, straight from the tawa. If you’re looking for a perfect accompaniment to go with it, try out the butter chicken and mutton nihari, which clearly stole the show. The succulent lamb slices slow-cooked in a mildly spicy onion gravy, melt in your mouth.

One should also not miss the Matar Paneer Naize, a gravy made with some of the softest cubes of paneer and peas. There is also an assortment of dal.

Ensure to save some space for dessert, for you have gulab jamuns, which you would want to finish off in one go and Baraf ki Handi Reduced, a yummy dessert made out of reduced milk, among other things.

To give one the feel of the old city, the hotel has made efforts right from the time you enter. For instance, there is a cardboard Red Fort with a mini-Meena Bazar, from where you get to pick up kaanch ki chudiyan or glass bangles of your choice. There is a model of the old parliament building and the stalls are designed to look like street side kiosks. If only the restaurant played Hindustani Classical Music, the experience would have been perfect.

The trail is open from 7.30 PM to 11.30 PM from August 3 to 6.