In a paradigm shift within India’s travel landscape, holidaymakers are increasingly embracing the allure of regional specialities when it comes to choosing their home-away-from-home.

According to’s groundbreaking Holiday Homes Outlook Report, a discernible surge in preferences for farm stays and houseboats has been unveiled in the southern regions, while the younger generation, Gen Z, exhibits a distinct inclination towards city apartments, particularly in the vibrant landscape of West India.

Diverse preferences

Travellers today are not merely seeking a roof over their heads; they yearn for a home-away-from-home experience that resonates with the essence of the region they explore. The report, released by, a global travel industry leader, unveils a tapestry of diverse preferences among different generations—Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X—when it comes to choosing holiday homes.

For the pragmatic Gen X, born between 1965-1980, cleanliness and convenience take precedence. With an appreciation for the warmth of Indian hospitality, they favour well-equipped kitchenettes and meal options in accommodations. Notably, 65 per cent prioritise a reasonable and fair price, showcasing a penchant for budget-friendly options. Country cottages emerge as their preferred choice, providing a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility during peak seasons.

Contrastingly, Millennials, born between 1981-1996, embrace a penchant for unique and immersive experiences. Farm stays capture their imagination, with 51 per cent prioritising a simplified booking process. Sustainability is a key consideration, with 35 per cent opting for environmentally friendly and socially responsible accommodations. Transparency in costs is paramount, as 52 per cent desire homestays with no hidden fees.

Gen Z, the youngest cohort born between 1997-2012, is defined by their prioritisation of location, with a particular emphasis on proximity to beaches, local attractions and scenic views. City apartments emerge as their top choice, constituting 43 per cent of their preferences. Their digital savviness is evident in the importance they place on past and present reviews, while pet-friendly accommodations reflect their desire to travel with furry companions.

As the report delves into India’s regional revelations, a growing demand for alternative accommodations becomes evident. South India showcases a penchant for farm stays (46 per cent) and houseboats (38 per cent), while West India’s urban landscape is marked by a preference for clean and tidy accommodation (64 per cent), fair pricing (66 per cent) and heightened security (62 per cent). The evolving travel preferences of Indian holidaymakers signify a shift towards more personalised and immersive experiences, reshaping the contours of the hospitality industry.