Picture an amalgam of watermelon, rose syrup, milk, sugar, ice cubes and rose petals. Aptly called ‘mohabbat ka sherbet’ or the beverage of love, it’s come all the way from Delhi. Now imagine, being welcomed with a glass of that on a hot and sultry Chennai evening. Perhaps that’s something that one would ideally need right now.

If you are keen on tasting the beverage, you must head out to ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, between August 3 and 6. Besides the ‘mohabbat ka sherbet’, there are so many reasons for Chennai foodies to head out to the hotel’s Madras Pavilion.

The Dehlnavi Trail

If you are someone who love old Delhi cuisine, you shouldn’t miss ‘The Dehlnavi Trail’ hosted by the hotel on aforementioned days between 7.30 PM and 11.30 PM.

The food trail is led by Chef Rais from ITC Maurya in Delhi and the menu is inspired by authentic Delhi street food, which is a combination of Punjabi, Mughlai, Baniya, Kayasth and many more cuisines.

“Dehlnavi attempts to recreate the rugged splendour of the Red Fort, the aromas of Chandni Chowk while retaining the old-world charm of erstwhile Dilli, with food that is rich in variety and flavour,” says the hotel in a statement.

The menu ranges from a variety of chaats, kebabs, fried fish and chicken, rotis, dal and an assortment of desserts, native to Old Delhi. A few other attractions on the menu include Dilli ki Nehari, a dish where lamb is cooked in brown onion and saffron gravy and Baraf ki Handi, a dessert that is made with reduced milk and is served frozen.