1. Tesla is currently the world’s most valuable car manufacturer, with a market cap of nearly $ 1 trillion. Name the first ever Tesla model that was launched in 2008?

2. The Ford Falcon was an iconic muscle car that Ford manufactured mainly for the Australian market in the sixties and seventies. In which 1979 film did a version named the “Pursuit Special’ or ‘Interceptor’ make the car recognizable around the world?

3. The iconic Volkswagen Beetle, in production from 1938 till 2003, was designed after Adolf Hitler wanted a cheap and reliable people’s car for Germany. Who designed the Beetle?

4. What, in the world of automobiles, was designed by Charles Sykes, a British sculptor and modeled upon a secretary named Eleanor Velasco Thornton?

5. Which iconic car of the 1960s got its instantly recognizable name only because Peugeot had registered all three digit numbers with zero in the middle and so the original title had to be changed?

6. Which car, usually associated with the James Bond film Goldfinger, was named for David Brown, then the Chief Executive of the company producing the car?

7. The Hummer is a popular four-wheel drive vehicle initially only produced for the US Army. The original military vehicle was known as the Humvee. How did the Humvee get its name?

8. For 77 years, General Motors was the largest car manufacturer in the world, after replacing Ford in 1931. Which company finally overtook it in 2008?

9. Which vehicle on Indian roads is named after a one-movement orchestral piece by the French composer Maurice Ravel?

10. Which car manufacturer, originally started in 1928 got its name from the abbreviation of the company name on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?


1. The Tesla Roadster. It stopped production in 2012

2. Mad Max, the vehicle driven by Mel Gibson

3. Ferdinand Porsche

4. The Spirit of Ecstasy, also often known as the Silver Lady, the hood ornament featured on Rolls Royce automobiles. Thornton was the secretary of Baron Montagu, a British automobile pioneer

5. The Porsche 901 became the Porsche 911

6. Aston Martin DB 5. DB stood for ‘David Brown’

7. It’s a colloquial form of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, HMMWV

8. Toyota

9. The Mahindra Bolero

10. Nissan, which derives from ‘Nihon Sangyo.’ The Jonga, ubiquitous once in the Indian army was based on a version of the Nissan Patrol