A software engineer based in Bengaluru, Nandan Kumar, hacked into IndiGo‘s website after the airline did not offer much support to retrieve his lost luggage.

Kumar was travelling from Patna to Bangalore when his luggage was mistakenly exchanged with a co-passenger. He contacted customer care, but could not connect with the co-passenger. Kumar decided to use his software skills when he could not obtain any information from the airlines.

Kumar said in his Twitter that he pressed F12 on the keyboard to access the developer console and managed to get the contact details of his co-passenger.

Kumar then located the co-passenger and exchanged his bag.

Further, he went on to list a few suggestions for improving the airline’s customer service.

Indigo, on the customer’s feedback, apologised for the inconvenience caused. The company, further said that their IT processes are completely robust and, at no point was the website compromised.

The tweet thread has amassed various reactions on social media.