Hours after, Spain’s local media reported that football star Cristiano Ronaldo has given his two luxury hotels to be converted into makeshift hospitals to treat coronavirus patients, both the hotels denied the claims, as per media reports. 

The Portuguese star player owns a four-star hotel in his home island of Madiera where charges per night amount to $200 and another in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, where the charges are $240-a-night.

The hotel employees in Madiera told Goal.com “We are a hotel. We are not going to be a hospital. It is a day like everyone else, we are and will remain a hotel. We are being phoned by the press. I wish you a nice day.”

However, the staff at Ronaldo’s hotel in Lisbon, have said that they are not aware of any plans to transform its use on a temporary basis to treat those infected with the virus.

He also took to microblogging site Twitter to express his concerns over novel coronavirus that has now become a pandemic and tweeted: “The world is going through a difficult time and demands the utmost care and attention from everyone. Today I am not speaking to you as a footballer, but as a son, as a father, as a human being aware of the latest events that are affecting the world.”

He added: “It is important that we follow the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and those of governments on how to manage this situation. Protecting human lives is above any other interest. I want to send all my support to all those who have lost a loved one.

Ronaldo has quarantined himself even after he diagnosed negative for coronavirus. He is currently in isolation in Madeira. Ronaldo has also extended his solidarity with patients who are fighting the deadly virus and mentioned his fellow player Daniele Rugani, who tested positive for COVID-19. He wrote: “My solidarity for those who are fighting the virus, such as my partner Daniele Rugani, and all my support for the incredible work that medical professionals are doing by putting his life at risk to save those of others.”

So far, Portugal has confirmed 169 cases for COVID-19, but no deaths have been reported. The situation is tense in neighboring Spain, with almost 6400 infected and 196 deaths. 

Meanwhile, all the soccer matches in Italy and Portugal remain stalled until further notice.