A group of eminent Indian-Americans on Wednesday came together to express their solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Organised by American Hindu Coalition along with US India Security Council at the US Capitol, the event “Indian Americans Against Genocide in Ukraine” called for an urgent end to the human sufferings in Ukraine by Russia, which has waged a war against the country.

Observing that Indo-US relationship transcends political parties and elected leaders, Indian American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi said the heart of this relationship is an embrace of human rights and embrace of secular democracy and freedom.

“I understand that there are complications (in India-US relationship), and I hope that we can work with the Indians and the government of India to resolve those complications over time,” Krishnamoorthi said in his remarks at the event.

‘Authoritarian dictatorships’

This is a fight between certain countries who believe in authoritarian dictatorships and those countries that believe in an international rules based order, he said. “That's what the fight is about,” he asserted. Krishnamoorthi said the long-term strategic threat to the United States and India is the Chinese Communist Party.

“So if we are going to counter that long term strategic threat, then we have to come to the aid of those who would fight against authoritarian dictators. Who would fight against invasion, who would fight against naked aggression, brutal oppression, which is what we're seeing in Ukraine? So how can we stop that?” Krishnamoorthi asked.

“The event is to show our support for the people of Ukraine. This is not against any country, but to show our support …. What's going on in Ukraine is very unfortunate,” said Alok Shrivastava, executive director of the American Hindu Coalition.

Indian Americans are disappointed by certain countries' stand of not supporting the Ukrainian people and their democratically elected government, he said.

Ramesh Kapur from US India Security Council said he does not want to leave the impression that Indian-Americans condone the genocide in Ukraine. Indian Americans, he said, cannot support invasion of one country by the other. Indian-Americans can play an important role in bringing peace in the region, he added.

The US is looking for business partnership with India, while India is looking for a security partnership with the US. “That’s the challenge,” Kapur said. It’s very important that the United States and India join hands together against genocide in Ukraine, he asserted.

‘100% opposition to Russia’s invasion’

Kumar Barve, former majority leader of Maryland, said its safe to say that 100 per cent of Indian-Americans are opposed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Dr Mohan Sapru representing the Global Kashmiri Diaspora, said the world should learn lesson from the genocide in Kashmir and that the international community needs to come out in support of the people of Ukraine. “We must be outrage in Ukraine and must be equally outrage on the genocide happening in Bangladesh and Kashmir,” he said.

Prof Narendra Rastogi from the Harvard University alleged a genocide is happening in Ukraine and called for a political solution to the war. Nissim Reuben, from the American Jewish Committee, said there is tremendous opportunity for India, US and Israel to work together.