Microblogging site Twitter suspended the account of a Chinese virologist who claimed that China had manufactured the novel coronavirus in a lab in Wuhan last year, says a News 18 report.

Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist who had fled to the United States, got her account suspended on Twitter. Her Twitter account now reads: ‘Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules’.

According to a previous report by Daily Mail , earlier in May, the social media site had flagged some of her tweets stating that they propagated controversial claims on the virus.

Last week, Li Meng-Yan had appeared on ITV and said that she had proof to support her claim that the virus was man-made.

Li had said, as cited in the Daily Mail report: “The genome sequence is like a human fingerprint. Based on this, you can identify these things. I will (use this) evidence to tell people why this has come from the lab in China, why they are the ones who made it. Anyone, even if you have no biology knowledge, will be able to read it.”

She had also alleged that Chinese authorities haunted her and tried to muzzle her voice for speaking out the truth.