Carmaker Volvo plans to boost its popular On Call smartphone app to help absent-minded drivers locate mislaid car keys.

The car key locater came top of the list of suggestions from users canvassed by the company for features they would like to see incorporated in the app. Volvo is currently evaluating the proposals.

In order to find inspiration for further development projects, Chinese-owned Volvo said it used crowd-sourcing on Facebook. People around the world could share and vote for their favourite feature idea on the social media site.

Current features in the On Call app include checking whether the car is secure (if not, users can lock the doors remotely), locating the vehicle on a map — this is useful if someone is parked in an unfamiliar city.

Owners can also see the fuel level, average fuel consumption, mileage and trip metric data, plus basic maintenance details such as bulb faults, windscreen washer fluid, brake fluid, oil and coolant levels. The Volvo On Call App is available in 16 countries.