L&T EduTech, the hybrid learning platform from Larsen & Toubro, has unveiled a ‘National Engineering Competency Test’ (NECT). L&T EduTech aims to make NECT, a common assessment for the entry-level hiring programme of corporates by providing them an understanding of candidates’ skills and abilities that will save time and evaluation costs, says a press release from the company.

The test will also bridge the gap that exists today between the competence of young engineering and diploma students and industry expectations by diagnosing their skill gaps early in time to take corrective measures.

A valuable tool

A structured assessment test, NECT will determine a candidate’s strengths by assessing their cognitive abilities, subject knowledge, English communication skills, and coding capabilities, apart from behavioural aspects.

NECT will be administered through registered educational institutions to their third-year engineering degree students. The test will benefit students by benchmarking their abilities against industry standards and help them understand their job readiness in terms of skills and personality traits. Based on the NECT score, students can work towards acquiring new skills and enhance their employability by the time they graduate. The NECT score report from L&T EduTech will serve as a valuable tool that a student can present to prospective employers.

The students who can take the NECT are UG and diploma students in their pre-final and final year; engineering students with any degree and specialisation can appear for the exam if their institute is registered with L&T EduTech for the assessment

Final-year students and recent graduates with up to two years of experience can create their customised profiles on the L&T EduTech skills exchange platform which will be visible to top corporates. The online test has inbuilt advanced security features, and remote proctoring that guarantees a reliable assessment. The score card is valid for one year.

‘Impactful programme’

Speaking at the launch, Sabyasachi Das, Chief Executive of L&T EduTech, said, “NECT is built by subject matter experts with decades of experience working at the national level and based on the experience gained by us from assessing more than 2.5 lakh candidates on behalf of leading corporates. We expect a large number of reputed engineering universities and colleges to start leveraging this impactful assessment programme.”

In his keynote address, Das said, “We are seeking to bridge the gap between academia and industry. In the recent past, there have been a lot of changes in various industries with newer processes coming into play. With the industry moving so rapidly, it is important for academic institutions to keep pace.

Our objective is to find ways to help the young generation. L&T EduTech is an initiative of taking the huge knowledge that L&T has acquired over several years, and putting it in digital form on a platform in addition to what is already being taught with more information from the industry side to bridge the industry-academia gap.”