You earned it

The news about Zerodha’s founders Nithin and Nikhil Kamath making provisions to take home ₹100 crore each as annual salaries have set off a debate in the start-up world. Some, like Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma, came out in support of the Kamaths saying they need not offer any explanation. “You got to keep building, keep inspiring and keep winning. Success is the best answer to every question,” Sharma tweeted. For others, it seemed to be a case of sour grapes. “My salary is ₹3L/annum. I should have started a discount stockbroking company to add more zeros to my salary,” tweeted CRED’s founder Kunal Shah.

When FM ducked a bouncer

At the post GST Council press met, a hack asked Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in Tamil incidentally, to comment on the Centre’s ₹4,321-crore dues to Tamil Nadu. He said this amount would come in handy to the State reeling from the Covid second wave. Sitharaman, replied, in Tamil, that “so many issues had been weaved into one question”, but she would be able to comment only if an actual letter came to her from the State government. Was that ducking a bouncer, or…?

Biryani tales

That biryani is not just another dish but a way of life in Hyderabad is well known. And, no one will say no to an offer of biryani, whenever, wherever. But God forbid if it is not up to the mark. Both, the cook and the host will get it. It is not uncommon for brawls in restaurants over the quality, serving… But what about the biryani delivered home during the lockdown? Telangana’s No 2 leader, Industries Minister KT Rama Rao, got a plateful when Thotakuri Raghupati, faulting a delivery, tweeted him with a snap of biryani without a leg piece. Not surprisingly, it went viral.

Bridge of life

Marriages are made not just in heaven, but also on bridges that link God's Own Country with neighbouring States. The Chinnar Bridge, at the check-post on Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, has emerged a favourite marriage spot during the lockdown for people of Marayur, Munnar, Udumalpet. The first such wedding during the Covid second wave was held on Monday. In the first wave last year, at least 11 couples tied the knot there, before the borders were sealed. The undue delay in getting test results and the cost turned the no man’s bridge into a mandapam . Blessings pour forth from Forest, Excise, Police and Health authorities of both States subject to strict Covid protocols. Invitees are free to travel across provided they carry a Covid negative certificate and a travel pass.

Long wait

India’s exporters seem caught between the devil and the deep sea as the announcement of rates under the Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP) scheme gets delayed. While they want the government to quickly declare what the rates of refund for various sectors will be, ending the suspense that began on January 1 with the announcement of the scheme, they also want it to be right. “Our costing/pricing exercise is getting affected as we have no idea to what extent we will be refunded on our input taxes. But we also do not want the government to announce lower rates or exclude certain sectors just because we did not give them enough time," an exporter explained the dilemma. How sweet the result of their patience would be remains to be seen.

Changing times

It's official now. State Bank of India will hold its AGM on June 25 virtually, yet again. Even last year, after taking legal opinion from the Solicitor-General (after Maharashtra objected to a physical meeting), the country’s top lender held a virtual AGM. The pandemic has not doubt prompted it but it still is a big leap for SBI that a few years back was reluctant even to allow e-voting by shareholders.

The bank had taken the position that it was not bound by the company law as it had been set up under an Act of Parliament that does not specifically provide for conduct of business virtually.

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