Waterfield Advisors has unveiled key insights into the wealth management practices of High Net Worth Individual (HNI) women (having a net worth of above ₹10 crore) in India through their recent survey study titled “Women of Wealth”. This survey involved 104 female participants from various backgrounds, including salaried professionals, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and homemakers, aged between 22 and 60 years, residing in tier-1 cities. Below are four charts depicting their evolving wealth management practices.

Across age demographics, younger women respondents exhibit greater interest in alternative investments while the elder respondents favour listed equities.

Two out of five respondents (or 41 per cent) have a broader understanding of investments while the level of awareness varies with age and profession.

Although the respondents exhibit a strong inclination towards investing in listed equities, their risk tolerance appears to be rather conservative (average rating of 5.1), with merely 16 per cent of them considering themselves as strongly risk-takers (rating of 8 or higher).

While it’s notable that a significant portion of the respondents play a role in their family’s investment decisions, the average rating of 6.1 suggests a relatively moderate level of involvement within the family circle.