With reference to the article ‘Is Pakistan’s army losing its clout?’, the recent turn of events in Pakistan is signalling towards a major shift.

It is an open secret that former Prime Minister Imran Khan got to power thanks to the Pakistani Army.

With corruption charges against his family, current Army Chief General Bajwa’s chances are done and dusted.

As a new General favoured by Shehbaz Sharif could be sworn in, Imran Khan’s chances of returning to power are remote now.

But low militant incidents in the valley augurs well for India and also points towards Pakistan’s battle with its economic crisis.

Bal Govind


Support the judiciary

The harmonious functioning of executive and judiciary, without sacrificing the respective independence and integrity, is of paramount importance, (‘The executive-judiciary tussle’, November 23).

However, it is to be noted that judiciary is completely dependent on the executive for the necessary infrastructure.

The biggest criticism heaped on the judiciary is about the huge pendency of cases.

But, without the executive providing the necessary judicial strength, how the judiciary can be expected to bring down pendency?

In spite of the severe constraints, the judiciary has largely acquitted itself well and functioned with integrity and dedication, at least in relative comparison with other organs of the government.

Ordinary citizens, surrounded by unscrupulous politicians and corrupt bureaucracy and police establishment, look up to the judiciary for justice.

It is time to stop bashing the judiciary and strengthen the judicial system to enable it to deliver justice quickly and efficiently. The Executive should take necessary steps to strengthen judiciary.

Kosaraju Chandramouli


FSSAI’s welcome step

This refers to ‘FSSAI proposes standards for mithais and namkeens’ ( November 23).

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s (FSSAI) proposal to bring in standards and labelling norms for traditional Indian sweets (mithais) and namkeens sector should be welcomed by consumers.

That the food safety authority has had several rounds of deliberations with the industry speaks volumes about the genuineness of its intentions aimed at ensuring proper quality control over these items of the mass consumption.

The stakeholders must come forward and offer their feedback/suggestions on the Draft Food and Safety Amendment Regulations, 2022 in respect of these traditional and Indian heritage and culture oriented products.

Kumar Gupt

Panchkula (Haryana)

Helping farm labour

Apropos ‘Aiding Tenant farmers’ (November 23), although agriculture is a State subject, migration of farm-labour to various States necessitates a pan-India land leasing policy.

There are many land holders who lease farm lands solely due to labour unavailability, that may not always offer due benefits to the labour class. The Centre must mediate to bring consensus among States to devise mutually beneficial and uniform leasing policy to prevent farm land from remaining uncultivated, which also helps augment revenue of ‘landless farmers’ whose contribution deserves to be recognised and rewarded.

Rajiv Magal

Halekere Village (Karnataka)