Tax defaulters

| Updated on June 10, 2011 Published on June 10, 2011

It is good to learn that CBDT is contemplating publishing a list of regular tax defaulters especially those above Rs 1 crore. One hopes such a list actually materialises.

Not so long ago, the RBI had compiled list of corporate defaulters which the trade unions and Left parties wanted published. It never was, which only goes to show the so-called ‘transparency' or ‘governance values' of the companies concerned.

Let us hope the tax defaulters list does not become another document consigned to the deep freeze of bureaucracy.

A. Ramanathan


Good is not enough

The hard-hitting article “Will, not magic wand, is needed” (Business Line, June 8) was excellent. It could not have been more forthright.

It is no longer relevant to debate the issue whether the Prime Minister is honest! More and more columnists have already expressed the view that he cannot be considered as an honest person when he is unable to take action against persons who are guilty of wrong-doings.

A. Chandramouliswaran


Not elected

The PM is a Rajya Sabha MP, having never faced an election, and has never been a senior functionary of the Congress party. How can the world's largest democracy function effectively if its PM is not a true representative of the people? How can a PM who has not been a leader of his own party, and whose skills at electioneering are questionable, command the respect of his own party?

How then, could we expect the PM to provide a robust and decisive leadership? Perhaps the time has come to review the provision of a Rajya Sabha MP becoming a PM and also put a cap on the age up to which a politician can occupy high office.

Varadarajan Raman

Published on June 10, 2011
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