Implement Kavach tech

This is with reference to ‘Waiting to board safely’ (February 5). With a major portion of the budgeted allocation being spent on track renewal, electrification, rolling stock, etc., the much expected push in implementing the anti-collision Kavach technology is yet to gain the required momentum. With the Balasore incident still green in mind, the Railway Ministry must give the required thrust in covering more routes under Kavach.

Also, the Railways needs to frame new rules in absorbing wait list (WL) passengers. Issuing of unlimited number of WL tickets is meaningless, which creates mad rush at stations. WL tickets should not at any cost exceed the maximum number of seats available in general coaches. A deeper study on the pattern of demand for open tickets would help in introducing more number of Antyodaya trains.

K Venkatesan


Bullet train project

This refers to ‘Bullet train project gathers speed’ (February 5). The project has taken the swift track now. However, even after six years from project commencement date, only 80 per cent of land acquisition required for the project is completed and the overall progress of 44.36 per cent is not matching with the time lapsed and the money spent.

The interim Budget has allocated ₹25,000 crore for the bullet train project, which is 10 per cent of the projected capex of ₹2.55-lakh crore for FY25. With the induction of more number of Vande Bharat trains in all major routes, whose success rate is more than 90 per cent, doubts arise about the need and efficacy of the ongoing bullet train project.

GS Santharam


Paytm fiasco

This refers to ‘Under the scanner’ (February 5). The management of One97 Communications is to be largely blamed for the current fiasco. Founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma might have sounded brave on social media, but reality is that he seemed to have ignored governance. Nothing else can explain the continuous non-compliance. Some of the payments banks are complaining about the RBI’s action as they are seeking approval for lending to improve their profitability. But the regulator cannot put millions of depositors’ money at risk. These banks and fintechs must put their house in order. As for Paytm, Sharma is facing the toughest test of his career.

Bal Govind


Avoid shockvertising

With reference to ‘Were Poonam Pandey and Schbang’s shock tactics justified?’ (February 5), the fake death tactic employed in the campaign has taken the concept of shockvertising to the extreme and is utterly disgusting, outrageous and deserves to be condemned by all right thinking people. To justify the morbid campaign by claiming that it has “created awareness for cervical cancer” and a more sensitive approach would not have had similar impact on the “same budget” is disingenuous and simply unacceptable. It is nothing but playing with the sensibilities of people. Using shockvertising as a means to reach people is a negative and bad idea, however impactful it is as a means to achieve the desired objective.

The gains made in terms of delivering the message to the people by such campaigns are completely wiped out by the shock waves created by the means employed. Ends don’t justify means, especially if the means employed are dishonest or harmful to others.

Kosaraju Chandramouli