Farmers’ protest

The nation is yet again facing agitation by some farmers with several demands. The use of physical force in the protest against the nation seems unreasonable especially when the government has taken steps to discuss with them and find solutions. Their main demand seems to be MSP guarantee. This has big implications for the exchequer.

Ultimately the burden will have to be borne by the common man/taxpayer. The nation cannot be muzzled into accepting such demands. Farmers also demand implementation of the Swaminathan Commission recommendations. Then they must also accept recommendations of the Supreme Court appointed expert panel on new farm laws. They cannot cherry-pick.

V Vijaykumar


With reference to news report ‘Haryana police use teargas shells (February 14)’, it is important to note here that unlike the earlier demands of 2021, waiver of bank loans also has been included now.

To take the first shot, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge has promised to implement ‘kisaan Nyay Guarantee’ if voted to power, conveniently skipping ‘waiver of bank loans’.

At the same time, it is unfortunate to see the Centre failing to work out the modalities finalising fixing MSP for the various crops. Not only this, it is also surprising as to why the leaders of Samyukt Kisan Morcha could not muster support to their issues from other farmer groups even after more than 2 years?

Punjab farmers should not exploit their proximity to Delhi to create chaos and unrest on highways.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao


Green construction

Apropos the news item “Go green with near-normal project costs” (February 14), it is high time the construction sector wholeheartedly embraces green buildings as a norm, given substantial reduction in costs.

Given the looming threat of global warming and climate change, people will not grudge the additional costs incurred in green construction.

The movement should start with urban local bodies by implementing the concept of green buildings in the construction of government projects.

Authorities issuing permission can promote energy efficiency, and water conservation.

Also, permissions for the private projects following the green building norms should be accorded expeditiously, with the provision that any violations of agreed terms would attract heavy penalties.

Kosaraju Chandramouli


GI Tag Pak Basmati & FTA

Apropos “Is EC trying to help Pak get GI tag for Basmati?” (February 14). With India in a much stronger position than Pakistan and several nations keen on an FTA with India, including EU members, India must take strong exception to EC offering GI tag for Pak Basmati rice, keeping Indian allocation on hold.

Also the EC must consider the current political turmoil in Pakistan before coming to a decision.

Rajiv Magal

Halekere Village (Karnataka)