States vs Centre

This refers to the Editorial ‘States of the Union’ (February 15). The issues raised need to be addressed by the Centre from multiple angles considering the changes in the equations of political power and governance in the last two decades.

As is evident from the near helplessness expressed by the Apex Court the other day, there are situations in which the law of the land and the rule books may need quick revision.

In the absence of Five-Year Plans now there is no centralised architecture for resources mapping and reallocation. The plea for equitable distribution of available funds gets another dimension in this context. The Centre will have to take the responsibility of ensuring equity in mobilisation and reallocation of resources across geographies.

MG Warrier


Momentous judgment

In its landmark judgment today, the Supreme Court has held that anonymous electoral bonds are violative of right to information and Article 19(1)(a) and thus the entire scheme stands voided.

While the electoral implications of this seminal judgment get sifted and analysed, the Election Commission ought to seek affidavits on the detailed expenditure of funds received through these bond funds, before the general elections schedule is announced.

Such demand is within the laid down remit of the EC and in line with the spirit of the Apex court verdict.

R Narayanan

Navi Mumbai

AI future

With reference to “AI: Maximising benefits, Minimising risks” (February 15), the new disruptive technology, though not a total replacement of human intelligence, will have its substantial impact on the living standards of people.

The growing application of AI & ML in business and industry requires expert human capital to leverage these new technologies.

Countries like India with growing unemployment problems must keep in mind the critical complexities involved in implementation of AI.

Sitaram Popuri


Looking for lithium

This refers to ‘India joins the race for lithium reserves’ (February 15). Lithium is one of the very essential components in making batteries necessary for the growth of EVs.

The recent discoveries of the lithium mineral in J&K, Rajasthan and Karnataka have raised hopes. However, a lot more needs to be done before converting raw minerals into an usable one.

The recent accord between India and Argentina and also the partnership agreement with Australia facilitate removal of tariffs for most of the critical Australian minerals and offer India an improved access to the mineral exploration have given hope that the set target is an achievable one.

RV Baskaran