Reel vs real life

With reference to the news report “Can reel Hero Pawan Kalyan be a real one by winning the mandate” (May 8), in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana,film heroes are seen as demi gods. The film heroes have many fan clubs, which promote promoting their films and their political careers.

People also often identify their film heroes with the roles they portray in the movies.

Moreover, his elder brother Chiranjeevi’s support will be an additional bonanza for him. Finally, being part of the NDA will give him an edge. However, only time can can tell whether Pawan Kalyan can transfer his popularity into votes.

Veena Shenoy


Board moves

With reference to the article ‘Independence in boards’, since the new norms have been in place for 10 years, there is a demand for the directors’ replacement.

Independent directors have an onerous responsibility of safeguarding the interests of the shareholders. They also play a crucial role in resolving the deadlock in boardrooms.

Hence companies must focus on quality over quantity and women IDs must also be encouraged as they have proved their mettle.

Bal Govind


Times of conflict

This refers to ‘In a cauldron of war’ (May 8). The ongoing conflicts in Middle East and Russia-Ukraine are creating tensions in the neighbourhood. Thousands of innocent children, aged people are killed and many are forced to seek asylum. The result is defence expenditure has risen exponentially.

The UN is unable to bring an end to these wars. The G7 and G20 groupings must find an amicable solution to end these wars.

RV Baskaran


More regulation needed

This refers to ‘Unsung heroes of the capital market’ (May, 8). Indeed, the QRTAs are doing valuable work to support mutual fund investors through excellent record keeping and providing reports. In fact, most retail investors do not maintain any records themselves and depend wholly on the QRTAs and the AMCs.

The writer has rightly pointed out the need for greater regulatory supervision of QRTAs.

There is too much at stake. Depending solely on the QRTA’s Board is not enough given several recent experiences of poor governance in companies at the board level.

V Vijaykumar